Founder & Chief Patron National Panthers Party
Member Legislative Assembly (1977-1987)
Member Legislative Council, J&K  (2003-2008)
Sr. Advocate Supreme Court of India
Sr. Executive Member SCBA ( Supreme court bar association)The Voice of Millions
Editor-in-Chief  (Hony.) VOM TV Network
Director & Producer  (Hony.) Non-Aligned Congress of Youth (Regd.)
Legal Advisor Indian Council of World Affairs
Exec. Chairman State Legal Aid Committee, J&K
MLA (J&K) 2003-2007
Convenor Ex-Executive Council Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
Chairman Indo-Palestine Friendship Society

Bhim Singh is a multidimensional personality. Noted Human Rights Advocate and a Jurist in India of International Fame. A relentless fighter for justice and equity, an intellectual, a jurist, an international investigative journalist, a statesman, a film maker, a humanist playing the role of a person with profound interest in, and concern for human welfare, values and dignity and, above all, a distinguished humanitarian-pursuing ethical and theological humanitarianism. An undaunted social activist and champion of public interest and civil rights of all human beings irrespective of their race, religion, region or nationality.


  • The first person in the world who crossed the Western Sahara Desert (Spanish) in 1971 on Motorcycle from Morocco to Senegal, 2100 kms. in 20 days.
  • The first Indian who travelled on Peace Mission around the world on two-wheels for over five years travelling through more than 150 countries of the world. Several countries have since split into many more i.e. USSR, Yugoslavia.
  • His association with Arab leaders particularly President Saddam Hussein of Iraq and PLO Supremo, Mr. Yasir Arafat has built strong emotional and political ties with the Arab world.
  • The only person in the world who refused to collect 7.3 million barrels contract by the UN Committee dealing with ‘Oil-for-Food’ programme in sanctions struck Iraq. Saying no to 7.3 million dollars worth oil vouchers which could have earned nearly Rs.45 crores as commission. Glorifying India’s name in the world. Mr. Paul Volcker, Head of the UN Committee reported this fact that Bhim Singh did not accept the oil offer”. (Reference to Table 3 of Vol.II of the Volcker Report).
  • Prof. Bhim Singh resigned from the State Assembly in 1982 protesting against the anti-national legislation (Resettlement Act) passed by NC and Congress giving clearance for the settlement of nearly five lacs Pakistanis whose relations had migrated to Pakistan during partition. Prof. Bhim Singh is contesting this case in the Supreme Court. The Act stands stayed.  Prof. Bhim Singh resigned as a Member, Legislative Council in 2008 protesting against the imposition of present government in J&K.
  • Patiently in 2014 he was elected as Senior Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) of India in recognition of his services in the society.

Roads of Destiny–My Identity!

After having traveled on peace mission around the world for five years on motorcycle (1967-1973) and then carrying out peace mission to conflict torn world in the Arab World particularly, Palestine and Iraq, carrying the banners of Indian peace mission on the floors of the United Nations till this day, studying in the best of the universities in India, England and in the Arab World, suffering jail tortures and illegal imprisonments for years, pleading for decades for justice in the highest courts in India and abroad, experimenting with democracies on the floors of legislatures, echoing the voice of the voiceless in millions of words from the highest platforms for years, interacting with the highest echelons of the world power and revolutionaries of the world order, facing defeats after defeat in the electoral battles, fighting and starving on streets and after numberless encounters with destiny for 50 years I have come to the believe this day that;


The world is my country,
And India is my home,
Humanity is my religion,  
Equality and fraternity is my faith.
Justice and Equity are my goal.
And rebellion is my way,
Truth is my strength,
Peace is my lasting passion
This is the road of my destiny
I am identified with.

--Prof. Bhim Singh